Erratum Coco/R

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White space declaration and IGNORECASE

At page 10 the following definition is given:

WhiteSpaceDecl = "IGNORE" Set.

.. but, in the syntax specification at page 34 the following definition is given:

WhiteSpaceDecl = "IGNORE" (Set | "CASE").

In the syntax specification IGNORECASE all ready exist:

ScannerSpecification =  

At page 11 about case sensitiv, IGNORECASE is written without white space between IGNORE and CASE. Should it be legal to have white space between these tokens? If not, the token CASE should be omit from the syntax specification.

page 25 Token

Should be:

class Token {
    public int kind;
    public int pos;
    public int charPos;
    public int col;
    public int line;
    public String val;
    public Token next;  // Erratum

Coco/R program

package statement in Scanner

In the Java version of Coco/R it is not possible to include an package statement in the java source file for the Scanner. That will always produce an illegal Scanner, that must be corrected by hand.


The Token class should contain a few constructors. It will be easier to construct unit tests.

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