Henrik Teinelund

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I work as a system developer at a the consultant firm, SolidBeans, in Göteborg at the west coast of Sweden. I have lived in and around Gothenburg since 1998. I moved up from Malmö, in southern Sweden, to study mathematics at the university of Göteborg. After a year I began at the Computer Science program at the university and was finnished 2004 with an bachelor exam in computer science.

After school I have worked at several small firms in Göteborg. 2007 I begun working at Epsilon as a consultant and have been working as a consultant ever since. At may 2017 I begun working at SolidBeans.

At my spare time I like to read books, take a stroll in the city, work with my computer projects or playing old 8-bit computer games on Commodore 64 emulator for Mac OS X.

If you like to write to me, please use es.dnuleniet|kirneh#es.dnuleniet|kirneh

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